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Making it easier to be a working parent.
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We Know the Jugl is Real for Working Parents


Amy Rosenow

CEO and Co-Founder
Jugl is the passion project of a working mom. As Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of a hedge fund for over a decade - along with having a husband, two kids, and a dog − I definitely had a lot of balls in the air!

My husband is a brain surgeon so in our crazy house my job was the "flexible" one. I’m constantly trying out new tech and processes to make our lives run more smoothly, but the existing technology to manage the information and logistics of busy modern families just wasn’t good enough. I just knew there had to be a better way.

And so began my entrepreneurial adventure! I joined 1871, Chicago’s center for technology and entrepreneurship (, and was soon introduced to Pete, who is now my partner in this exciting (and sometimes scary) Jugl journey.

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Pete Jameson

Co-Founder & VP of Product
"How can I balance my responsibilities at work with my desire to stay connected with my family at home?" I thought about this every time I pulled my suitcase from the overhead compartment.

At the time, I was managing a business development team at Hewlett Packard. This meant my team helped plan and execute hundreds of sales events each year. At the same time my "team" at home began to grow. As the father of four children who were starting to become active in school and sports, I struggled with supporting my team at work while staying connected with my family at home.

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Take the struggle out of the juggle.
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