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My pain is, I hope, your gain. Let’s take some of the struggle out of the juggle!

The Jugl. I hadn’t thought about it until I started writing, but it actually rhymes with struggle! It’s hard to be a modern parent! I am grateful in many ways for all the technology that makes it easy for us to work from places besides the office and be reachable to our kids even when we travel, but zoinks, it feels like there is no pause button! No space to disconnect. Even most airplanes have wireless now!

I wish my parents were alive (for so many reasons), but specifically in this moment I want to ask them whether this is a new experience for our generation, or just a different iteration of a timeless challenge. My husband and I always joke that we have too many balls in the air, but we don’t really want to put any of them down right now (not permanently anyway).

In my house, we have two parents, two kids and a dog. We have no local family, but an awesome babysitter who has been with us for over a decade. And we are all busy. In many ways like you, I would imagine: working parents (inside or outside the home…no judgments here), with kids in school and doing extracurricular activities and sports, community service (us and them), fitness, trying to serve healthy meals that taste good, trying to travel and see friends and go on dates and cheer for our favorite sports teams and have fun and, and…

We’re trying to provide for our families AND give our kids opportunities for growth and development AND have lives of our own AND we’re trying to stay sane!

I spent the last decade as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of a hedge fund. I loved my job, but it was a ton of work to manage that and keep my family organized. In a lot of households, the hedge fund COO would be the less flexible of the jobs (or maybe even the only person working outside the home), but in our house, I had the more flexible & sane job.

I am married to a brain surgeon (insert your own joke here). He is a wonderful, dedicated dad, a truly egalitarian life partner, my best friend and soul mate, a great cook and many other amazing things. But he basically cannot be relied upon to pick up the kids. It is what it is: if there’s a patient still on the table, then he’s not leaving the operating room. Period. That, my friend, will force you to bring your “A” game (or “Type A” game more accurately) to the execution of family logistics.

My pain, I hope, is your gain.

Meet Jugl. The brainchild of a mom who felt compelled to create a better platform to manage the busy lives of modern families. Jugl is a smart, flexible family organizer. Jugl makes it so much easier to use technology to keep your family on the same page.

Our aim: taking the struggle out of the juggle. We hope you will join our community and look forward to building tools that make modern family life easier for working parents.

Ideas? Suggestions? We love those! Connect with us on social media via the links below or email us at [email protected].

Take the struggle out of the juggle.
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