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This $#!t is Real!



The true story of how I blew two hours of our family’s life this weekend on a total #momfail that Jugl would have prevented. Wait…where is the rest of the team?! Anyone? Bueller??

In a typical “juggly” weekend for us, we picked the girls up from Sunday school, stopped to grab lunch on the go and headed to the suburbs for my older daughter’s travel soccer game. I had it in my calendar that she was supposed to be there at 1pm for a 1:45 game. I glanced at TeamSnap, and that said the game was 1:30. I figured I must have mistyped it when I put in the calendar. Why am I typing things into the calendar instead of just using the TeamSnap feed or “add to calendar” feature? Because the TeamSnap event cannot be edited, and as typed by the coach goes in my calendar from 1:30pm-1:30pm, thus it blocks off only a half hour (Outlook’s default) when what we really need to block is an hour to drive there, getting there 45 minutes early for warm-ups, playing for 80 minutes with ~10 minutes for halftime and delays and then driving an hour back.

Anyway, with traffic, we would probably get there no earlier than 1:15, so I texted the coach letting him know that she would miss part of the warm-up due to Sunday school. All good. Traffic was worse than expected, so by the time we arrived at the field it was 1:30. Josh walked her out while I looked for parking. We didn’t see the team. The got back in the car and we drove around this massive suburban soccer complex. Then I pulled out TeamSnap again. And my head exploded. The game was at home.


They got back in the car. I fumed. I apologized. I considered the cruel irony of falling victim to a mistake of this variety while I spend my days trying to build a product that would prevent this very issue from happening. We drove back downtown. We arrived at her game around 2:20. Her coach was kind enough to allow her to play the remainder of the game.

All told, we spent two hours in the car for absolutely no reason, and Ava missed the entire warm-up (which she could have been on time for if I had the location correct) as well as three quarters of her game. I don’t even know what happened. It looks like a game at the place and time I had written down is actually scheduled in a few weeks. I don’t know if it moved at some point or if I just made a sloppy mistake when doing the bulk entry and typed it on the wrong day. I don’t know why I looked at the location in my calendar entry instead of on TeamSnap when I was putting it in the car GPS. What I do know is that I was angry, sad and frustrated. I wasted precious time and energy. That’s two hours of our lives we’ll never get back.

I am the type of person who strives to make lemonade when presented with lemons. So here are my positive takeaways:

  1. I modeled reasonably good behavior for how to handle mistakes. While I can’t say that I was relaxed and overly pleasant in the car ride back to the city (I was REALLY mad at myself), I made sure that we discussed how I would handle the matter with A’s coach. I went up to him after the game and I personally apologized for making her late. I told him the truth: that I put it in my calendar for the wrong location and we had driven to the suburbs and that I was very sorry. The girls and I discussed the fact that making mistakes in life is a definite. We will all screw up at one time or another, but being a person of honor means not making excuses or blaming others. It means taking responsibility, saying sorry and meaning it. I definitely meant it!!!
  2. When you make mistakes, you should endeavor to learn from them and make changes to try and prevent them for occurring again. My logistical takeaway is that until Jugl is ready, I should try to check the TeamSnap event before leaving to ensure there have been no changes since the static event was created and also as a doublecheck against human error.
  3. My key takeaway is the fact that Jugl is needed by me and many others like me! I should not give up. We can make life better for busy modern families!!

Make me feel better (or just make me laugh). Tell us about your #momfails #dadfails or #parentfails. And if you have ideas for how Jugl could help prevent similar fails going forward, we can’t wait to hear them! Connect with us on social media via the links below or email us at [email protected].

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