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Summer Bucket List Inspiration and Contest!!

Jugl Summer Bucket List

Is eating a triple scoop on your Summer 2018 list?

At the end of each school year as we head into summer, a fantasy looms before me: that we will enjoy weeks and weeks of life at a slower pace, with fewer obligations and lighter schedules…

I fantasize that we will enjoy the long days and lazy soccer-free weekends.  I sometimes wonder how we are going to fill all that free time…  Screech….and then I look up again and it’s Labor Day and the summer is over.  Wah!

So, two summers ago I created my first summer bucket list and I’ve made it an annual tradition!  Want to join us?  Pete and I have each made a list of things to try to do this summer JUST FOR FUN.  No pressure to choose things that are educational or healthy, the criteria are simple: does it sound FUN? Do I want to do this?  Does thinking about it make me smile?

We invite you to join us in this fun exercise!!!

Any Jugl’rs who send us a list of at least 10 summer bucket list items by July 4th and then reply to us in September telling us how many items on the list that they did will be entered into a contest to win your choice of:


Circle with Disney

This is a device that helps enforce your home’s internet rules and restrictions so you don’t have to constantly be the iPad/Netflix/YouTube police.


Phone Bed Charging Station

This just cracks us up.  Per Amazon:

  • Arianna Huffington’s Phone Bed Charging Station, brought to you by Thrive Global, makes putting your smartphone to bed a regular part of your nightly ritual. By giving your phones and tablets their own bed – outside your bedroom – you can say goodnight to your day and get the sleep you need to wake up fully recharged.
  • Charges up to 10 devices at a time (including tablets)
  • Constructed of solid wood with velvet-lined compartments and satin liners
  • Includes dual-sided blanket in satin and microfiber to clean device screens

Arianna Huffington’s Phone Bed Charging Station (Oak)


or a $100 Amazon gift card.


We will also send Jugl swag to the 3 entrants with the most creative/interesting item on their list!



Email us to Enter


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Amy’s Summer 2018 Bucket List

  1. See an outdoor concert
  2. See Bruce Springsteen on Broadway
  3. Watch a movie outdoors
  4. Rooftop drinks
  5. Visit Six Flags Great America with the kids
  6. Visit Six Flags Great America WITHOUT the kids!!!
  7. Read for pleasure for at least one hour uninterrupted in a hammock (bonus points if I have a cocktail in hand for this!)
  8. Go hiking somewhere beautiful
  9. Take a Transcendental Meditation class
  10. Do yoga with a friend
  11. Take an awesome trip
  12. Relax by the adult pool at East Bank Club
  13. Play tennis
  14. Go to a Cubs game
  15. Go to a Yankees game
  16. Sleep past 8am
  17. Attend a street festival
  18. Do not look at or touch a to-do list for an entire day
  19. Find a place to get chocolate Italian ices in Chicago now that Tom and Wendee’s is gone
  20. Drink rose during the day (bonus points if this occurs on a weekday!)

Pete’s Summer 2018 Bucket List

  1. Surprise spouse with an unplanned date night
  2. Have campfire nights in the backyard
  3. Spend one on one time with each child
  4. Have a family day at Raging Waves Waterpark
  5. Go fishing five times
  6. Take kids to the gym every week
  7. Read three books
  8. Teach Ollie (dog) to walk on a leash
  9. Introduce kids to yoga
  10. Take kids to an outdoor concert
  11. Stand in Time Square, on the Jersey Shore, and in the mountains of North Carolina
  12. Go to Cubs / Sox game

We wish you a fun and memorable summer and we can’t wait to be inspired by your fun plans!

Note: the links in this post are affiliate links, but we chose the products as they seem like fun and/or useful prizes for our audience!  None of the manufacturers above nor Facebook, Twitter or are affiliated with this promotion in any way.

Rule of this contest may be found at:



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