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Winner!!! Jugl Summer Bucket List Contest!!

Jugl Summer Bucket List

Was eating a triple scoop on your Summer 2018 list?

Back in June, we invited Jugl’rs to send us a list of at least 10 summer bucket list items to be entered into our contest.  Why?


No pressure to choose things that were educational or healthy, the criteria were simple: does it sound FUN? Do I want to do this?  Does thinking about it make me smile?

We invited you to join us in this fun exercise, and we are delighted to announce that Stephanie C. from Michigan was our grand prize winner!!!

We were so pumped to receive Stephanie’s follow-up email!  She reported doing 9/10 items, but said she found a large Petoskey stone* last week, so we’re giving her credit for 10/10 (in the Midwest, if we haven’t seen snow yet,  we can still pretend it’s summer!!!)  Most gratifying to us was that Stephanie said:

What a fun contest! It really kept me on my toes to check off the things I wanted to do! – Winner, Stephanie C.

We couldn’t agree more!  Part of “juggling” in our book is making a point to have time for fun!!!

So, without further ado, let’s review how the three of us did:

Stephanie’s Winning Summer 2018 Bucket List Review (10/10) 😎

  1. Visit Crisp Point Lighthouse – DONE!  (Stephanie and her husband love to visit lighthouses all around Michigan!)
  2. Visit Silverlake sand dunes – DONE!
  3. Find a Lake Superior Agate – DONE!
  4. Find a large Petoskey Stone – DONE!  (Found one last week.  Woot woot!!!!)
  5. Visit South Haven lighthouse – DONE!
  6. Visit Tawas Point Lighthouse – DONE!
  7. Camp in the Upper Peninsula – DONE!
  8. Take a week off work for vacation – DONE!
  9. Go to Michigan’s Adventure – DONE!  (Stephanie’s favorite on the list!  And she went with a fun group of 18 people and the outing included a water slide called “the funnel of fear!!!”)
  10. Lost another 10lbs – DONE!

Stephanie, we’re so glad you had a great summer and we hope you ride the happy feelings into a terrific fall and winter (and we wish you a very happy birthday!!)

Amy’s Summer 2018 Bucket List Review (13/18) 🙂

  1. See an outdoor concert – DONE!  (Actually saw a bunch: Billy Joel, Pearl Jam, Journey/Def Leppard, Barenaked Ladies/Better Than Ezra)
  2. See Bruce Springsteen on Broadway – DONE!  (Yay!  You can take the girl outta Jersey but…)
  3. Watch a movie outdoors – DONE! (One old school drive-in movie AND one projected on the side of our house!)
  4. Rooftop drinks – DONE!
  5. Visit Six Flags Great America with the kids – DONE!
  6. Visit Six Flags Great America WITHOUT the kids!!! – FAIL (Unfortunately, this one fell through the cracks this summer…hopefully next year…)
  7. Read for pleasure for at least one hour uninterrupted in a hammock (bonus points if I have a cocktail in hand for this!)  – DONE!  (But no cocktail…)
  8. Go hiking somewhere beautiful – FAIL (Hopefully next year…)
  9. Take a Transcendental Meditation class – Sort of….  (I took an introductory seminar to the class…does that count?  I don’t think so since I still don’t know how to do TM…)
  10. Do yoga with a friend – DONE!  (Thank you, Haley!)
  11. Take an awesome trip – DONE!  (So much fun traveling to Spain for my cousin’s wedding!)
  12. Relax by the adult pool at East Bank Club – FAIL (Maybe next year…)
  13. Play tennis – DONE! (Thank you, Meghan!)
  14. Go to a Cubs game – DONE!
  15. Go to a Yankees game – DONE! (At the White Sox, but still a Yankees game to me…)
  16. Sleep past 8am – DONE!
  17. Attend a street festival – DONE!
  18. Do not look at or touch a to-do list for an entire day – UH?? (It’s probably a bad sign that I’m not sure…will work on that for next year!)
  19. Find a place to get chocolate Italian ices in Chicago now that Tom and Wendee’s is gone – FAIL (Open to suggestions for next year, though…)
  20. Drink rose during the day (bonus points if this occurs on a weekday!) – FAIL

Pete’s Summer 2018 Bucket List Review (5/12) 😢

  1. Surprise spouse with an unplanned date night – FAIL (wah, wah, wah)
  2. Have campfire nights in the backyard – DONE! (S’mores, s’mores, s’mores)
  3. Spend one on one time with each child – DONE! (Trip to Michigan, bike rides, walks, and more!)
  4. Have a family day at Raging Waves Waterpark – FAIL (On the list for next year)
  5. Go fishing five times – FAIL (Fish got away this time…)
  6. Take kids to the gym every week – FAIL (It’s literally across the street from my development. Still can’t get there.)
  7. Read three books – DONE! (Do children’s books count?)
  8. Teach Ollie (dog) to walk on a leash – DONE! (Next summer, teach Ollie how to not smell like a dog.)
  9. Introduce kids to yoga – FAIL
  10. Take kids to an outdoor concert – FAIL (Still looking…)
  11. Stand in Time Square, on the Jersey Shore, and in the mountains of North Carolina – FAIL
  12. Go to Cubs / Sox game – DONE! (Extra innings, got money’s worth!)

We hope you had a fun and memorable summer!  Happy fall!

*We had to Google this : )

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