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Nanny-related resources

Great childcare is the foundation that a working parent’s life is built on.  Taking time to build and maintain a great relationship with your nanny (or other childcare provider) is essential.

Click the button below for the editable Jugl nanny offer letter that you can use as a starting point.  It’s been crowdsourced starting with some moms in NYC over 15 years ago and has been revised and shared more times than we can track. 


Jugl sample nanny offer letter (editable Word document)

What Do You Need from Your Nanny Worksheet by Jugl (editable Word document to help you prioritize what you need and what you want from your nanny.)

Jugl HomePay Affiliate Link (waives $100 registration fee for nanny tax service*)

HomePay also has great free resources like calculators and this helpful guide to household employment on their website.

*Please note: in addition to HomePay waiving the registration fee for Jugl readers, Jugl receives a referral fee if you sign up.  Amy has used the service for over a decade, and she reached out to HomePay to request this.  It is our policy at Jugl to disclose the use of affiliate links and to let our readers know if a product came to our attention as the result of an affiliate relationship.

Download the Editable Jugl Nanny Offer Letter
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