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Jugl Quick Tip: Monitor Device Usage with Apple’s new “Screen Time” feature in iOS 12


Finding the right balance to allow our kids to be technologically savvy, socially connected, entertained and do actual homework while not becoming screen addicts is HARD!

Even as adults, we often fall into the quicksand of time that our devices suck us into. Who among us has not had the feeling of “What?! I’ve been looking at dumb (stories/Instagram pictures/tweets/Facebook updates) for 25 minutes! I could have been reading a book or sleeping or hanging out with a friend! Why doesn’t my time at the gym or doing chores fly by this fast?!”

On the one hand, simply taking devices away is important (especially overnight), but there’s a lot to be said for introducing systems to play the “bad cop” to help us regulate kids activity on their devices.

We’ve written before about signing formal technology contracts and the Circle with Disney product. Now Apple is throwing their hat into the ring with the new Screen Time feature in iOS 12. The free feature provides reporting and the ability to set limits on how much time you and/or your kids spend on iPhones and iPads.

Here’s how to set up Apple Screen Time if you’re interested:

1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Screen Time
2. Tap Turn On Screen Time
3. Tap Continue
4. Select This is My [device] or This is My Child’s [device]

The steps from there are pretty intuitive. Detailed instructions from Apple may be found here.

We’re experimenting with our families and will report back with additional thoughts.

Let us know how it’s working for you at [email protected].

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