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Jugl Presents: Investing 101 at 1871 for International Women’s Day


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That was the theme of the talk that Jugl CEO Amy Rosenow recently gave when she took to the stage at 1871, Chicago’s tech and entrepreneurship hub, to teach a session on Investing 101 for International Women’s Day.

Here are 6 Investing Tips from the presentation:

  1. Always be suspicious of tips!!!
  2. Investing is a LONG-TERM affair. Do NOT look at your account daily!
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (even if you love the basket)
  4. Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose
  5. Try to keep your fees low and your interest rates high
  6. Create habits and processes that will help you
    • Automatic investments are your friend
    • When you get a raise or other financial windfall, divert some of the increase to savings/debt relief/ investments IMMEDIATELY (before you get used to the higher cash flow)

Other helpful resources (*updated to include some items from the live Q&A) for learning about investing include:

Remember the old adage: the best time is to start investing is YESTERDAY, but today is a great second choice.  You can start small, but don’t be too afraid to start.

You can check out the presentation here:

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