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Nobody Can Have It All

Last weekend I was listening to the Father’s Day episode of Note to Self, which was actually a replay of an episode that first aired last year, but I was hearing it for the first time (I love podcasts, but what can I say, motherhood + entrepreneurship is not the best recipe for staying current

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[email protected]#% Guilt

I really enjoy listening to podcasts. I find them to be a great way to add little bursts of learning and entertainment into my commuting, carpooling, dog walking and laundry time. Those times when I’m alone and semi-occupied tend to be short, but it definitely adds up. This week I was catching up on the

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This $#!t is Real!

  The true story of how I blew two hours of our family’s life this weekend on a total #momfail that Jugl would have prevented. Wait…where is the rest of the team?! Anyone? Bueller?? In a typical “juggly” weekend for us, we picked the girls up from Sunday school, stopped to grab lunch on the

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My Mom is an Entrepreneur

  Yesterday was Take Your Kids to Work Day (side bar: when exactly did we transition to that from “Take Your Daughters to Work Day?”) Jugl is located inside 1871, Chicago’s entrepreneurship hub, and I saw an announcement the night before which said that they were doing an event for members’ kids with a tour

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Welcome to Jugl!

My pain is, I hope, your gain. Let’s take some of the struggle out of the juggle! The Jugl. I hadn’t thought about it until I started writing, but it actually rhymes with struggle! It’s hard to be a modern parent! I am grateful in many ways for all the technology that makes it easy

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Take the struggle out of the juggle.
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