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My pain is, I hope, your gain. Let’s take some of the struggle out of the juggle! The Jugl. I hadn’t thought about it until I started writing, but it actually rhymes with struggle! It’s hard to be a modern parent! I am grateful in many ways for all the technology that makes it easy

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The End of Jugl

I had deep psychological resistance to writing this.  I have had it on my to-do list for months and have been putting it off.  I actually wrote it at the end of August, but STILL didn’t post it.  I recall Tim Ferriss saying on one of his podcasts that he has a card in his

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Top 6 Tips for the Back-to-School Juggle

It will come as no surprise to any of our readers that we think of work/life in terms of a “juggle” and not as “balance” or “integration.” Let’s start with some definitions from Balance: a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. (Uh…nope!) Integration: an act or instance of combining

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Waxing poetic

Ode to Working Moms1 in the Month of June I see you.  I know you.  I am you. I respect you.  I admire you.  I support you. I see you working to get your presentation done, your pitch perfected, your case won.  I see you running the meeting, the conference, the operating room, the show. 

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The Jugl is Real – Don’t Try to Hide It!

Last week a LinkedIn post by a Chicago businessman went viral.  The intention behind it is clearly good and I agree with the basic premise that employees are grown-ups and should never feel any need to “apologize for having lives.”  But as I read it, I found myself bristling. I agree that we “never need

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Jugl Imperfect Cooking

Perfect Sucks Anyway!

Photo credit:   This is an awesome time of year to be reminded that perfect sucks.   Perfect is boring, stressful, generally unattainable, always unsustainable, and, frankly, not that much fun! You certainly don’t need my permission, but let me at least play cheerleader for this concept!  Drop the idealist vision of holidays.  Drop

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Jugl Summer Bucket List

Winner!!! Jugl Summer Bucket List Contest!!

Back in June, we invited Jugl’rs to send us a list of at least 10 summer bucket list items to be entered into our contest.  Why? JUST FOR FUN!   No pressure to choose things that were educational or healthy, the criteria were simple: does it sound FUN? Do I want to do this?  Does thinking about

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