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Posts by: Amy Rosenow

Jugl Imperfect Cooking

Perfect Sucks Anyway!

Nov 21, 2018

Photo credit:   This is an awesome time of year to be reminded that perfect sucks.   Perfect is boring, stressful, generally unattainable, always unsustainable, and, frankly, not that much fun! You certainly don’t need my permission, but let me at least play cheerleader for this concept!  Drop the idealist vision of holidays.  Drop

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Jugl Summer Bucket List

Winner!!! Jugl Summer Bucket List Contest!!

Sep 26, 2018

Back in June, we invited Jugl’rs to send us a list of at least 10 summer bucket list items to be entered into our contest.  Why? JUST FOR FUN!   No pressure to choose things that were educational or healthy, the criteria were simple: does it sound FUN? Do I want to do this?  Does thinking about

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Jugl Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List Inspiration and Contest!!

Jun 19, 2018

At the end of each school year as we head into summer, a fantasy looms before me: that we will enjoy weeks and weeks of life at a slower pace, with fewer obligations and lighter schedules… I fantasize that we will enjoy the long days and lazy soccer-free weekends.  I sometimes wonder how we are

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Good Men of the World: Step Up. We Need You.

Jan 31, 2018

Powerful men are falling like dominoes. We have clearly hit a tipping point, with decades of collective resigned silence by women about harassment and misogyny in the workplace coming to a thunderous conclusion. I am encouraged by the strength women are showing, furious that this has gone on for so long and is so widespread,

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