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We’re sad to announce that we’re closing Jugl.
What? Tell me why?

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Jugl: The Family Calendar Assistant Designed for Working Parents

Jugl makes it easier for working parents to manage household schedules, logistics and information. Have less stress and more fun while keeping all the balls in the air.


Let us save you hours of time and effort! Send Jugl your schedule and we'll do the annoying data entry for you! Info goes to your dashboard where you can review, approve and assign as needed.


Share as much or as little info as you want with the people that help make your family “juggle” work. Jugl integrates with common calendar app and lets everyone see just the information they need, when they need it and how they like it.


Cut the coordination back-and-forth on who’s taking the kids back-and-forth! Quickly assign drivers for events based on schedule availability and proximity, and always know who's picking up the carpool—or who can cover.

Take the struggle out of the juggle.
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